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This fabulous project  followed the renovation of a stunning Queen Anne townhouse.


Sometimes you have to look beyond the rubble which was pretty much all there was when we first visited this site. The owners had done a fantastic job retaining the historical feel and quirkiness of the property whilst turning it into a modern home. We were keen to continue this into their outside space. They wanted a very informal garden which would sit comfortably alongside their period property. Also, to have somewhere more private to entertain friends and family and to have a wildlife pond they could sit on.

By adding levels and low retaining walls which draw the eye to the boundary we were able to make this relatively small space feel more roomy.

Old Yorkstone was retained from the original garden and matched with further reclaimed stone. This was complimented by clay pavers which were used to construct the walling. Gaps between the pavers were kept wide and filled with gravel to maintain the informal feel of the garden and to plant with low growing plants that would soften the paving and provide scent as you walked over them.

Screening and privacy was created by planting three, standard trees (Ligustrum japonicum) along the boundary. These gave additional height to the space whilst not being too formal for the feel of the garden.

A simple Arbour was constructed to define a seating area giving a sense of enclosure whilst not being closed off to the rest of the garden. It also gives different framed views of the garden and planting while you sit a relax. This and the rear fencing was painted black so they receded into the background. They also made a gorgeous foil for the planting.

The planting palette was kept simple so that the space felt calm and relaxing. It was dominated by green, white and a soft pink that was a nod to the pink concrete worktops in the kitchen that opened onto the space. 

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