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How we can work with you

The brief

We start with a site visit and and discussion about what you want from your garden and how you would like to use it. We want to hear about all your ideas so that we can make your garden a truly bespoke place for you. Don't worry if you aren't sure what you want as we always have plenty of inspiration to help you. We will discuss your likes and dislikes, budget and timings. Following this we will send you a Design proposal along with information about the design fees,

The survey

If you are happy with the proposal we will get to work organising a full site survey and analysis. This will enable us to design the best possible solution for your specific requirements. We will assess and measure the area in detail looking at the topography, aspect, soils, existing plants and trees and surrounding landscape . For complex sites this will be carried out by a Professional Surveyor.


We will then draw up concept plans that show you overall layouts and ideas for materials and plants. These may be supported with mood boards and sketches to help you visualise the space. We will discuss all these ideas and ensure that these plans are developed into a garden you are really happy with.

The plans

The Plans are then developed into scaled drawings which show how the different elements of the garden will be put together and exactly what materials will be used, measurements and detailing.

Depending on what is needed for your project these plans may include a Master plan, Layout Plan, Elevations, Construction Detailing, Lighting or Irrigation Plans.

The build

These plans will be supported with work specification documents or tender documents and together they can be used by landscapers to quote for the build work and to construct the garden accurately. We can recommend reputable landscapers for you to consider.  

If you would like us to we can monitor the construction stages for you to ensure the design aesthetic you want is adhered to.

The Plants

Planting Plans will be drawn up showing exactly what species of plant should be placed where and in what quantity. We can source the plants for you from specialist growers to ensure they are healthy and strong. We can also lay them out and assist with planting to make sure that everything is where it should be.


It's important that the garden is looked after post planting so that it thrives. We can help you with Maintenance plans and finding help with aftercare. We really want these gardens to continue to look beautiful as they evolve.


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